Energise your event or podcast with Ben Knight, a highly sought-after speaker with a story that will inspire, challenge, and spark growth in your audience.


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Is it possible to reach the stars at warp speed? Ben Knight thinks so.

In his signature talk, ‘Fast and Furious: How to Achieve Your Goals at Ludicrous Speed,’ Ben draws on his own experiences and achievements to inspire others to reach their potential—quickly.

He shares the secrets behind his own success—how he transformed his life and financial status through a potent blend of financial strategy, a rock-solid mindset, and unyielding determination. It’s not about getting rich quick—it’s about strategically accelerating your path to your goals.

This engaging talk is filled with nuggets of wisdom and practical steps that your audience can apply immediately, whether they’re business owners, budding entrepreneurs, or individuals simply looking for ways to enhance their financial intelligence.

A Trusted Voice on Prominent Stages


Ben’s impactful insights and charismatic presence have made him a popular figure at major conferences and events. He’s commanded the stage in front of a crowd of 600 at Hilton Wembley, delivering his message with a compelling blend of authority and approachability.

His dynamic and insightful presentations have also resonated with listeners of popular podcasts such as Stay Hungry and Inspired By. His unique perspective on investing, wealth mindset, and achieving success (however you define it) has inspired thousands.

A Unique Perspective

Ben isn’t your typical financial speaker. He’s walked the walk, transforming his financial status and becoming the founder of a successful investment community. And he knows that financial success isn’t only about the numbers—it’s about mindset and attitude too.

His speeches don’t just touch on the mechanics of investing—they delve into the importance of maintaining a wealth mindset, the power of resilience, and the essentialness of a winning attitude.

When you book Ben Knight to speak at your event, you’re not just getting a speaker—you’re getting an inspiration, a motivator, and a catalyst for change.

Bring Ben’s unique perspective and transformative strategies to your next event. Contact us today to book Ben for your podcast, conference, or event. Prepare your audience to shift gears, and drive towards their goals at ludicrous speed.

Ben Knight - Founder of The Trade Tribe speaking at Expert Empires
Ben Knight, found of The Trade Tribe, the UK's leading trading coach
The Trade Tribe founder, Ben Knight