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Entreprenuer, property investor, and international speaker…
Ben Knight founded The Trade Tribe to bring financial freedom to business owners and busy professionals that often don’t see enough return for their efforts.


Ben Knight

Investment Entrepreneur

Founder of The Trade Tribe, Ben’s community has a 100% success rate. The average annual return in The Trade Tribe is 70%.

Property Investor

Ben is a successful property entrepreneur having built a portfolio of several rental properties throughout the UK. 

International Speaker

Ben speaks from the stage about wealth and freedom. Recent talks include a crowd of over 500 at Hilton, Wembley.

Ben’s Profile

The Trade Tribe Founder

Meet Ben Knight, the founder of The Trade Tribe, an online community that helps busy business owners learn to invest in stocks and shares with just five minutes a day. With a 100% success rate and an average annual profit of 70%, Ben has established himself as a leader in the world of investing.

Ben’s mid-long term strategy is based on key company specifics and is designed to help individuals achieve financial growth without having to spend hours analysing the markets. The Trade Tribe’s VAX Strategy, developed with some of the world’s most famous investment mentors, has been implemented by over 100 members who all follow the same approach. The Trade Tribe community is a friendly and supportive atmosphere where everyone wants everyone to win.

Not only is Ben a successful investor, but he is also a property entrepreneur with a rental portfolio spread throughout the UK. He understands the importance of diversifying one’s investments and is passionate about helping others achieve financial freedom.

Ben is a sought-after speaker, sharing his wealth of knowledge and experience with audiences all over the world. From hosting online talks and masterclasses to speaking on stage in front of hundreds at the Hilton Wembley, Ben’s message resonates with anyone looking to learn about investing and achieving financial success.

At The Trade Tribe, we believe that anyone can learn to invest and achieve financial growth, regardless of their background or experience. With Ben’s VAX Strategy and the support of our community, we can help you achieve your investment goals in just five minutes a day. Join us and learn to invest like a pro.

The Trade Tribe founder, Ben Knight

Recommended by business owners and busy professionals

Don’t take our word. Our offering has been reviewed & rated by leading business owners in multiple industries.

“When I first started The Trade Tribe I made 22.5% profit on my first two trades in the space of a week. Now: once my current trades close I will be at 150% profit”

Sam Raiano


“I made 40% profit in two days! God dammit , this strategy works, Ben.”